After Facebook announced the launch of open graph apps offering real time sharing, with Spotify as the first music app to demonstrate it, we had expected Indian music services to follow suit., the online music streaming site from Indiatimes*, has now launched an open graph app on Facebook enabling integration with Facebook’s new Timeline. Following the implementation of the feature, users of the app will be able to share the music they are listening to with their Facebook friends, in realtime, after a single authentication prompt.

To use the application, users need to go to the application page on Facebook or login with their Facebook user credentials, and grant access to the timeline. When a user listens to a song, a message is posted on his Facebook profile, indicating which song he is listening to. Clicking on the same redirects to, where the user’s friends can listen to the same song.


Users can control what they’d like to share with their Facebook friends by selecting options under the Social Connect settings on, choosing activities such as rating a song, playing a song, creating a playlist, adding to favourites among others.

Saavn, another online music streaming service focusing on India, had also introduced a similar open graph app in December 2011, allowing users to share their activity on the Facebook Ticker, News Feed, and Timeline.


The integration can be enabled in a manner similar to’s app, however, we observed that the app asks for permission to access the user’s Facebook data even when he’s not using the application, which, in our opinion, creates doubts on the intent of the app. The Saavn app does not offer specific or selective sharing options, but the user can turn off sharing from the Saavn website.

The company claims to have increased its monthly active user base, from 35,000 to 785,000, after the introduction of the integrated app. It also reports that the daily new users of the Facebook app increased 40 times, and content shares increased four-fold. However, it must be noted that Saavn’s music license covers more than 200 countries, and it also targets the Indian and South Asian diaspora living overseas. We’d like to see if also reports a similar trend after the introduction of the app.

* Disclosure: Indiatimes is an advertiser with MediaNama