Ozonetel Systems, a company that offers the KooKoo cloud telephony solution for porting web services to telephony has added Hindi and Telugu to its text to speech services. The company intends to add support for Kannada soon. With this addition, developers using the platform will be able to add capabilities for supporting additional languages with the addition of some additional code, and build localized telephony applications. They simply need to use an additional “lang” attribute with KooKoo’s ‘playtext‘ tag, which informs KooKoo to play the text specified in the tag using the text to speech engine.

The speech engine has been powered by Akshar Speech, a Hyderabad based startup which focuses on Text-to-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Speaker Verification, Voice Transformation and Human Machine Dialog System mainly focused in Indian languages.

The attribute is free to try in the developer account. However, for paid accounts, there will be an extra charge of Rs.500 per KooKoo account per month, the company informs.

Ozonetel offers the cloud telephony platform, Kookoo to developers who can build voice apps for web applications just by integrating its API. Whenever a user calls the Kookoo number, it informs the application which inturn instructs Kookoo to complete an action, for example in the above case convert a text sample to speech from the user. The company had recently tied up with doorstep cash payment network Gharpay to offer offline payments through IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

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