Arvind Rao has stepped down as the Chairman of the board of directors of OnMobile Global, with H.H. Haight taking over. Haight has been a non-executive director on OnMobile’s board since 2006. Rao will continue as Managing Director and CEO of the company.In addition, Harit Nagpal, the Managing Director of Tata Sky and previously the Group Marketing Director at Vodafone (UK) has joined the OnMobile board as an independent director.

Apparently, the company is finalizing OnMobile 2020*, a blueprint for a new strategy, making structural changes, to allow the company to focus on international growth. OnMobile, over the past couple of years, has increased its focus on its international business, and almost 50% of its topline is now from abroad.

* I thought it was called Project Phoenix, and an email had already been sent out by Rao. Or is this different? We haven’t got a copy of that mail, though, so in case you’re feeling benevolent –