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Aakash Tablet Available Online for Rs 2500; Ubislate 7 in Jan 2012

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The Indian Government’s $35 ‘Aakash’ Tablet, which was launched for $47 (Rs 2250) in October, is now available for online purchase at Rs 2500 from Aakashtablet.com, reports OnlyGizmos. The report also points out that an upgraded version of the tablet, dubbed as Ubislate 7, will be available in late January 2012, and is currently available for pre-order.

Aakash Tablet: Aakash tablet, which the company is claiming as the student version of ‘Ubislate 7’, was designed, developed and manufactured by the Canadian based DataWind in collaboration with IIT Rajasthan, under the HRD Ministry’s National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology (NME-ICT). It runs on Android 2.2 and comes with a 7-inch screen, 366 Mhz Conexant processor with Graphics accelerator & HD Video processor, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal flash memory, External memory support of up to 32GB, 21oomAh battery, and WiFi connectivity. The tablet  is also preloaded with its UbiSurfer browser which, according to the company, accelerates web pages by factors of 10x to 30x, and Nimbuzz instant messaging app.

The tablet can only be ordered from Aakashtablet.com and it will reportedly be shipped in a week’s time. The payment will happen through cash on delivery (CoD) with no pre-payments involved. Datawind states that this online availability is limited for individual buyers since it has already achieved pre-sale orders of about 400,000 tablets from individuals and corporates, and about 30,000 tablets are available for purchase at the moment, according to The Economic Times.


Ubislate 7: The commercially available mass market tablet which was earlier anticipated to be launched in November 2011, seems to have been pushed off to a January 2012 launch with a price tag of Rs 2,999. This tablet, according to the company, will be an upgraded version of the Aakash tablet and will feature a a newer Android version (Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’), better processor (700MHz), improved battery life (3200 mAh), SIM and phone functionality and support for Wi-Fi with GPRS. One can currently pre-book this tablet, following which a booking ID will be mailed to you.

Our take: Considering the huge difference in the specs between ‘Aakash Tablet’ and the ‘Ubislate 7’ for just an extra Rs 500, it would probably be better to wait for the launch of Ubislate 7. Also, we are quite surprised that there are no other payment options available, apart from Cash on Delivery to purchase the tablet, especially since that is a riskier, and more expensive proposition for Datawind. Why is Datawind retailing the tablet itself, instead of tying up with existing gadget retailers, which already have a distribution network in place?


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  • I’m ready to pay another 2k if they put a capacitive touch screen!!!!

  • Anand

    All the mentioned sites to order are down  :(

    do anyone know the reason?

    • Scorpioenterprise

      want to buy tablet with sim slot with net connectivity by simcard immediatly dellivery price rs 5699 rs only delivery chargers 199 extra mail at scorpioenterprise@gmail.com 

      • Kushrane

        i think there is no such tablet for
        adult it is only for children and nonsense spred by govt

  • Addy

    just booked mine :D

    • Geeteshverma17

      Did u get ur booking id?

      • Sriram Natarajan

        I got my booking ID.
        It will be dispatched in end of January 2012.

        • Yambigi

          Probably u might have mistake! It is not Jan 2012! its Jan 2013.  13 number malum hoga!

  • Now, tablet is available just @ Rs 2500 You can check the link below for more tablets that can fit your budget and style. http://mobilematinee.blogspot.com/2011/12/in-budget-tablet-revolution.html

  • Tekchand Rana

    what about akaash-2 & features

  • jayendra

    what price but for student

  • Hrsdn856

    What price for local man

  • N Lokesh

    plz inform ubislat7 released date

  • sumit kumar

    for more information vist http://www.vyaparmela.com

  • Kumud Mangla

    its a wonderful gadget launched for kids.

    • Hgajhgda

      no its not for kids it is only for BF

  • Anil Prajapati

    id ka kya karna hai bhai

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  • Sunny Hero2

    when does it will be deliveried to my hme dudess.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,
    i am  egerly waiting for my ubislate 7………………………………………………………

  • Raj100178

    I am waiting for ubislat7. Please inform released date.

  • Srinivasarao Bitra


  • Dhaval Pujara

    is aakash 2 slow ?

  • Samani_chandani

    i want to buy  it but how this process????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Samani_chandani

    what is the cost price & when it will be launch in market???????????????????

    • Tabish Ahmad7

      if u any central college u can buy 1700 ubslate7+ but it’s market price will be 2999..

  • Gokarnatt

    aakash 2 ka milega

  • Thanks for this blog.

    But can one please let me know the process to order one for me …..Will appreciate the reply. 

  • Ashish Kumar Dubey

    how long will it take to deliver this tablet at my home

  • Lohchab04

    tis tab can perfom as a pc ? and what is its realesing date

  • Kunalkumarbaghel503

    m very very exciting about ubislate7 nd in a hurry to buy it plz inform da launching date 

  • Dumber

    ad to bahot de raha hai maal to dekha nahin , kaisa hoga ye chees

    • Amnsakk

      is nacheez ko manef[rce tablet kahate hai

  • Reddygadu85

    when i received my tablet …Reddygadu85…………………..

  • Saiyad Faizan

    Me Ubislat7 Jo RS 3000 ka hai  uski delivery kab milegi please batao
    number 9033085826
    toll free number pe phone lagta par phone recieve nahi karta

  • Faisal Omer2

    release date

  • Faisal Omer2

    akash ubislate 7 anderiod 2.3 what date release in market

  • Mangal Monty

    kab aayega ye mere paas

  • Chandankumarsharma

    what i do?is akashtab pc on earth or it is really on akash?will i have to fly on akash to get it?

  • Raviaarakh

    kab recive hoga…

    • Tabish Ahmad7

      isi janam mai ho jaie gi yaar

  • Salimbasha

    pls send address my mail id salimbasha85@yahoo.com

  • Gandhi_preetika

    will d students of delhi university will get any concession???????????

  • This article says that Aakash Tablet is available for Mumbai University students only for Rs. 1138. http://aakash.org.in/11/mumbai-university-students-will-get-aakash-tablet-for-1138 . It’s a deal anyday. Can anyone tell me from where can I get them? I’m a Mumbai University student and would like to buy it asap. I mean who won’t buy it for Rs. 1138. These days, a shirt from Levi’s costs this much.

  • Malay2personal

    or kitne din wait kar na parega yaar……………


    mujhe kicivi tara a kharit na hai .this is my mob no-9749297686.plz help me..

  • Hotlagoon88

    Don’t take interest buying Aakash  it has so many defections…wait for ubislate 7 . Other Companies are interested in it and working as well….

  • Avi Kumar Bhatia

    If any one using AKASH , then please tell me how is it working ?

  • Avi Bhatia Rocks

    and also tell me if anyone using Ubislate 7….

  • Abhishek Ojha51

    when it will be in my hand

  • kesarsingh chauhan

    akash ubislate 7 anderiod 2.3 what date release in market……………..mare pass kb aayiga ya tablet…….7

  • Ashwath Shetty

    lets find out which is better amongst Classpad and Akaash tablet: http://www.futurehardware.com/notebook-tablet-pcs/154.htm

  • Tsathirachinz

    pls release it as soon as possible .v r waiting 4 it

  • John Jai6

    i am doing my b.com c.a and i need one of this can any one plz tel me the way to buy this

  • Jasonrawal Rawal

    i cant receive my code so wt cn i do?

  • som

    what he cost

  • Yambigi

    Government ka maamla, isiliye aise ho rahe hai! Chalo, chaar panch state ka election chalrahe hai, vote mangeneka asi tharika isthamaal kar rahe he! Aakash Tab ka aakash me doondna padega bai!!!

  • Rajesh ghag

    I am waiting for ubislat7. Please inform released date.

  • Ankitpateldd13

    i am dharmesh patel and i have booked ubislate+7 tablete online. When will I get?
    This is my number  9879921313 so u can contact me anytime.

  • Sachin bhojane

    I am waiting for ubislat7. Please inform released date and When will I get?

  • Rifu peace out

    i ordered for ma frend last month,  still not delivered…. izt cheating????????????????

  • Rahgol

    my self rahul sharma ! maine 18 dec ko book kiya tha par aab tak nhi aaya !! kab aayega im waitng??

  • Rahgol

    mera num 9555050311 hai plz mujhe contact karo??

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    pls infom released date i am waiting

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     maine 20desamber ko ubislate book kiya he,to muje kab milega, mahendra dabhi

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    iam raghavendra plz inform me the date of releasing sir i had order it on

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    Please Inform The lanching date :P

  • Sachin_walia96

    wht is D cost price & whn it will be launch in market??????

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    it is vey goooooooood tablet . i wate for this new version

  • Indrajeet verma

    i am also waiting to use akash tablet.

  • Indrajeet verma

    i am also waiting to use akash tablet.

  • Vaibhav Salunke

    whn vil ubislate7 be launched??????????? waiting eagerly…

  • Vaibhav Salunke

    whn vil ubislate7 be launched??????????? waiting eagerly…

  • wat thae mine off tablt

  • Vishaltembulkar

    kay may cash payment kar sakta hoo kay

  • Abhishekkumawat24

    when its avilable contact no 8233203646

  • Hardikgadhadara4

    jaldi aza

  • Pradeep Shukla47

    I am waiting for ubislat7+ please inform released date.

  • Kushal waghmare

    i want to take akash tab how to buy it .please tell

  • Bandivdekar Ankita

    I want to buy Aakash Tablet So ,cam you give me your contact number  ?

  • Sahilmittal

    heyyy guys i have booked my ubisalt7+ can u give me the date of relased this product and how many time remaining tym in the delivery

  • Satverma1995

    jairam verma mujhe aakash tablet kab milega plz help me my no. 9785778446