Wikipedia has 0.1 million Hindi articles as of September 2011, according to Shiju Alex, one of the members of Wikimedia Foundation’s India Programs, who used Wikimedia stats to come to this conclusion. Pageviews-wise, Hindi enjoys the highest pageviews with 7.95 million pageviews  (7.7 million non-mobile plus 0.25 million mobile), followed by Marathi which has 4.7 million pageviews (4.6 million non-mobile plus 0.64 million mobile) and Tamil with 4.2 million pageviews (4.1 million non-mobile plus 0.65 million mobile). Here is a breakdown of pageviews of September 2011 stats vs August 2011 (in millions):

One interesting trend you can observe from the table is that there has been an increase in the mobile pageviews of Indic pages on Wikipedia, even at a time when there was a month on month decline in the pageviews of non-mobile Indic pages. Of course, the mobile pages are on a much smaller base but the growth seems to be quite healthy albeit few exceptions.

Note that Wikimedia is looking to tie-up with mobile operators and handset manufacturers to offer free access to users and launch Wikipedia Zero, a lightweight, text-only version of the online encyclopedia, and this might help increase pageviews.

Articles Generated: If we look at number of articles being generated in these Indic languages. Hindi leads by 1,00,353 articles (slight increase from 1,00,026 in Aug), Nepali Bhasha comes in second with 69,826 articles, and Telugu takes the third place with 48,803 articles. Other prominent members in the list include Tamil (38,026 articles), Marathi (34,675 articles), and Bishnupriya Manipuri (24,763 articles).

Malayalam Most Active: Malayalam seems to have the most active wiki community among Indic languages with 30.3 edits per article (from 30.3 edits in Aug) and 85 active editors (99 editors in Aug). While Bengali records 31 edits per article, number of active editors has dropped to 42 editors from 45 in Aug. Surprisingly, Sanskrit has 14 active editors which is much higher than other Indic languages.

Besides editors, number of active registered users who actively edit articles on Indic Wikipedias, also contribute to how lively a wiki community in any specific language is. According to Shiju Alex, Malayalam clearly trumps every other language in this department with 709 users, a slight increase from 695 users last month. In short, Indic languages seem to be doing well on the readers front but are currently lacking on the editors.