The TRAI in its latest notification has directed Vodafone to not reject porting requests of customers on grounds of contractual obligations if the customers had not entered into a contract with the company. The authority has also directed Vodafone to submit a compliance report in the next seven days.

According to the notification, the TRAI has received several complaints where in the porting requests were rejected by Vodafone stating contractual obligations as the reason, even when the customer had not entered into any such contract. However, after the customer filed a complaint with the TRAI and the authority redirected it to Vodafone, the porting request was accepted and complied with.

The TRAI has reiterated that rejection on the basis of contractual obligation is only acceptable if:

– A subscriber has entered into a contract getting a bundled handset with a postpaid connection. The contract should have an exit clause and the subscriber has not complied with the clause.

– In cases of corporate connections with exit clause and the subscriber has not complied with the same.

It had also warned telcos not to reject requests if a user’s outstanding dues were less than Rs 10.

Earlier this year, the TRAI had issued a clarification on porting guidelines. Although the number of porting requests have increased over a couple of months, going by the number of consumers complaints on social networks and online consumer forums, it appears that telcos are not following the guidelines sincerely.

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