The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has extended the 100 SMS per day per SIM card limit to 200, saying that it has received representations from some of the service providers and consumers to increase the existing 100 SMS a day per SIM limit, which it had imposed along with enforcing the SMS Spam regulations in September and it has considered them.

The regulatory body had imposed the limit since it felt that it would curb SMS spam from non-registered tele-marketers. However, it had relaxed the limit for certain categories including dealers of the telecom service providers and DTH operators, e-ticketing agencies,  social networking sites and Agencies providing directory services.

We feel that peer to peer SMS should not be restricted and users should be able to send as many text messages to each other as they wish to. However, the TRAI could perhaps rethink on its earlier plan to restrict special tariffs that allow users to send messages at reduced costs.

P.S: We have observed that Vodafone has reduced the number of free messages that were granted to users who paid Rs 89 for a special voucher, from 20,000 messages/month to 3,000 messages/month. We are not sure if a user can recharge more than once in a month.

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