One97 Mobility Fund* has invested in Dexetra, a Bangalore based mobile solutions company that had recently launched Iris, which claims to be a highly personalized and intelligent answering engine for mobiles for Android, on the lines of iPhone’s Siri. The financial details of the investment have not been disclosed, however, according to a post on the One97 Blog, it was made months before the company came out with Iris.

According to Dexetra, the company developed the product in eight hours, result of a ‘high speed coding race’, just after the release of Siri, a voice assisted artificial intelligence tool which Apple’s iPhone 4S features. Iris allows Android users to use voice actions to Call a contact, Text, Search something on the web and lookup a contact, at the time of writing this post. Users can actually indulge in conversations with the tool, which offers factual or bizarre explanations for queries, based on the user’s mobile usage behavior, an enhanced knowledge base and various bots on web.

In its next release, the company plans to add the ability to add features without requiring the users to update the app, add more voice actions including the ability to add calender appointments or play music, and also include multiple language support, in addition to enhanced knowledge engines.

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