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Mauj (People Infocomm) owned mobile applications and content marketplace Mobango has today announced ‘Mobango Showcase’ , which it claims is a service which enables “developers to feature their applications and brand their presence to Mobango’s 6 million registered members.” According to a press release, it is a homepage property on Mobango that is a showcase, and it will allow developers opting for it to be able to customize the mobile pages with “their own their own brand colours, cross links and messages.”

Now a promotion section for content is not new to Mobango – it had a promote service when Mauj bought it – so this appears to be a case where the site is offering developers the ability to customize their apps page on the website (possibly for a fee). Herocraft, a developer with over 100 high quality mobile games like ZumZum and Yumsters! is expected to be the first developer to try it out, but when we accessed the ZumZum page on mobile, it had no customization.

Additionally, for a mobile site, we found Mobango rather heavy, with the ZumZum page going over 129 kb in size before loading completely. It’s worrying how much larger it will be once the company allows customization. Unfortunately, there is very little information in the press note on what exactly Mobango is trying (we couldn’t find any Showcase related information and terms and conditions on its website), and the PR rep who mailed us the info said they would get back to us. It’s been a couple of hours, but to be honest, given how responsive the People group has been in the past, we’re not expecting one. If spot something we haven’t, tell us.