Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which manages the online rail ticketing for the Indian Railways, reported around 12.6 Million transactions for the month of September, of which almost 77.52% were successful. Coming off the summer vacation months, the number of ticketing transactions declined by 1.72% month on month.

Payment Gateway Specific Information:

SBI Debit Card: Accounted for 13.06 % of total transactions, and 11.20% of total successful transactions


ICICI Payment Gateway: Accounted for 7.64% of total transactions, and 7.66% of total successful transactions

Citibank: 4.53% of total transactions, 4.19% of total successful transactions, and a 71.73% success rate


HDFC: 6.02% of total transactions, 5.62% of total successful transactions, and a 72.31% success rate

Itz Cash Card: 6.24% of total transactions, 7.45% of total successful transactions, and a 92.62% success rate.
I Cash Card: 3.04 % of total transactions, 3.61% of total successful transactions, and a 92.07 % success rate.
Oxicash: 0.17% of total transactions, 0.15% of total successful transactions, and a 69.38 % success rate.


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