We paid special attention to the state of broadband in India during the month of September – via RTI, we received data on the statewise segmentation of broadband connections, and based on TRAI filings, we analysed the fragmentation of ISPs. Policy changes need to lead to an unbundling of the last mile access, to spur competition among ISPs in India.

Our thanks are also due to our E2E Networks for their sponsorship.

If you have any data points to share with us, do write to nikhil@medianama.com; of late we haven’t had much success with our RTI filings. We might have to put Charts of the Day feature on hold in November.

Without further adieu, the charts for September 2011:

Broadband & Internet:

– Broadband Connections In India By State, March 2011
– Internet Access Modes, March 2011
– Fragmentation Of Internet Service Providers In India
– The Top 5 ISP’s In India, March 2011


– Telecom Service Provider Wise Gross Revenue
– BSNL Towers In India
– Outgoing SMS Per Subscriber For GSM In India
– Minutes Of Use On Internet Telephony
– Composition Of Mobile Revenues In India, March 2011
– Marketshare Of Public Call Offices In India
– Urban And Rural Telecom Connections Of Indian Telcos
– GSM ARPU For Top 15 Mobile Circles In India
– ARPU vs Minutes Of Use For India’s CDMA & GSM Mobile Base
– CDMA ARPU For Top 15 Mobile Circles In India

E-Commerce & Banking

– Cards vs Transactions At Point For Sales For State Bank Of India
– Advance Tax e-Filings In India In 2010-11, By Bank
– Passengers Carried By Airlines In India
– Credit vs Debit Cards At State Bank Of India
– Total vs Successful Transactions On IRCTC Payment Gateway

– DTH Subscribers In India
– Set Top Boxes In CAS Areas (June 2009-March 2011)