Some key Indian states actually registered a decline in broadband connections, quarter on quarter, between December 2010 and March 2011, even though the total number of connections increased by 892,678 to 11,886,925. According to data retrieved by MediaNama from India’s Department of Telecom via the Right To Information act, as of March 2011:

– Gujarat reported a decline of 170,605 connections quarter on quarter, down 31.74%.
– Karnataka was down 54,001 quarter on quarter, around 13.12%.
– The Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh circle was down 76,588 connections, around 21.28%
– Haryana was down 28,126 quarter on quarter, 10.29% down
– Himachal Pradesh down 5491 connections – down 4.91%
– Orissa declined by 11,589 connections quarter on quarter – down 7.05%
– Rajasthan down 3442 connections quarter on quarter – down 1.01%

Sure, at a global level, a few states made up for this decline, leading to a net increase of 892,678 connections:
– Maharashtra and Goa added 348,123 connections – up 15.74%
– Andhra Pradesh added 248,790 connections – up 19.62%
– Punjab added 166,649 connections – up 23.70%
– Tamil Nadu added 176,469 connections – up 11.50%
– Delhi added 153,193 connections – up 13.43%

While there is a net increase in the total number of connections in the country, the decline in connections in some of these states should be a significant cause for concern – the national level information that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India shares every month presents an incomplete picture. It’s about time we started looking at broadband from a state-wise perspective.

Data Source: India’s Department of Telecom, via RTI

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