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This is no secret: despite there being 168 Internet Service Providers in India, there is very little competition between them. If you take the top five ISPs in India, BSNL ranks first with total connection base of  11.31 million as of March 2011, its Internet connection base is 77% more than the combined base of the next four. At the same time, if you look at net additions between March 2010 and March 2011, BSNL added 74% more connections than the next four combined. Please note that the Internet subscriber base includes both broadband and narrowband access.

Why are we only looking at the top 5? Out of 168 ISPs, the Top 5 ISPs together account for 89.95% of India’s Internet connection base, and the Top 10 account for 94.76%. After the Top 10, the connection base is too fragmented. Some data points below the chart.

Data Source: TRAI

As on March 2011:

– BSNL had 11,316,919 subscribers, 7.49 million of them broadband. It added 2.13 million Internet subscribers between March 2010 and 2011, a growth of 23.2%. If you take only the top 5, BSNL accounted for 63.53% of net adds during this period.
– MTNL is stagnant. It had 2.4 million Internet subscribers at the end of March 2011, having added just 110,092 subscribers over 12 months, a growth of 4.76%. If you take only the top 5 ISPs, MTNL accounted for 3.28% of net adds. It is the second largest ISP in India.
– Reliance Communications comes third with 2.17 million connections, up 77.7% between March 2010 and March 2011, and accounting for 28.33% (950,384) of net adds if you take only the top 5 ISPs. What’s not a very good situation – around 91% of this base is narrowband.
– Airtel is fourth, with 1.43 million connections, but just 2665 of these connections are narrowband. However, Airtel’s growth has been slow as well – just 9.86% (128811) between March 2010 and March 2011. If you take just the top 5 ISPs, Airtel accounted for 3.84% of net adds during this period.
– Hathway has grown marginally over the 12 month period between March 2010 and March 2011.

(by Nikhil Pahwa and Saptarishi Datta)

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