Close on the heels of the $200 million series C funding from Softbank Corporation, mobile ad network, InMobi has launched updated versions of its iOS and Android Software Development Kits (SDKs), i300 and a300 for developers. The new features offered by the updated SDK include:


– Dynamic adverts: Support for expandable and interstitial ad formats which allow developers or app owners to run ads that launch and let users interact without exiting the app.

– Multiple ads on tablets: On a tablet, multiple ads can be shown simultaneously.

– Control auto-refresh: The API allows to control the auto refresh rate and animation between the ads.

– Better documentation: The company claims to have improved the help documentation with the inclusion of new Javadoc and Doxygen API description documents.

– Bug fixes: The new SDKs also include performance enhancements in addition to bug fixes.

– Sandbox: For controlled and efficient testing during integration, InMobi has provided Sandbox enviroment which is is a security mechanism used to execute untested code.

The company also launched their new documentation in the form of a developer’s wiki. The wiki provides documentation on the iOS and Android platforms for creating ads. It also provides information about InMobi Analytics, which allows advertisers to measure the performance of their mobile marketing campaigns.