It has to be more than mere coincidence that Twitter has launched its Hindi language version today on Hindi Diwas, the day it was adopted as the official language by India’s constituent assembly. Unfortunately, just like we predicted, it does not allow users to tweet in Hindi, since it lacks transliteration support, to convert Roman script text to Indic Devanagri. Hat Tip: Vikas SN

What it does offer is a Hindi language interface. So instead of ‘What’s Happening?’ the question users will have to answer is – क्या हो रहा हैं? @Mentions are @उल्लेख, and messages are संदेश. Some of the terms specifically associated with twitter, such as Retweet, Timeline, Tweets, Followers and Following have not been translated, and have been simply converted to Hindi. Like we said, transliteration is important since the proliferation of Indic language keyboards and mobile phones in India is minuscule. So this launch is a #fail as far as tweeting in Hindi goes.

To tweet in Hindi or Indic languages, you can add the following links to your browser toolbar, and the click on the link to enable transliteration.

– [ع Type in Arabic]
– [अ Type in Hindi]
– [ಅ Type in Kannada]
– [അ Type in Malayalam]
– [அ Type in Tamil]
–  [అ Type in Telugu]

Hindi On Mobile?

We’ve tried the official Twitter App on the iPhone, and the Mobile Web version of Twitter on an E71, and it looks like this Hindi rollout is for the web only.