Update: The website has now been restored.

Earlier: The website of Indian DTH (Direct to home) television services operator, Dish TV has been hacked into (Hat-Tip: Sushubh), by a hacker, who chooses to call himself, Padit Bamboo. The Homepage Title has been changed to Own3d by H3r0, while the rest of the page has been defaced displaying a message which smells more of notoriety than a particular motive. (Screenshot below)

The internal pages including Dish TV’s Endeavour self care portal are working, and (as a subscriber I can confirm) that there has been no impact on the reception of TV signals. However, on a popular forum some users are reporting that they are only able to receive Free to Air channels and are getting a ‘301 Signal Not Found Error’. We can not confirm if this is connected with the hack.

What is disappointing is that even after hours of being reported, Dish TV has not been able to restore the homepage. We feel that Dish TV needs to take immediate action to ensure that the hacking does not go beyond this level to its subscriber database, which would include critical data like Subscriber VC (Viewing Card) numbers that are used to control access to the services.

Earlier, there have been attacks on Indian websites including one on BSNL by the Pakistan Cyber Armyon the Indian Army website and NIC by Anonymous India. IT Security groups like zSecure have claimed to detect vulnerabilities and get access to customer database of private Indian bank, HDFC (screenshots), Sify.com (screenshots), TimesOfMoney (screenshots)  and brokerage house Sharekhan.com (screenshots).