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Our post last week, with data on IRCTC’s transactions in June 2011 led to much debate on twitter on the failure rates of the system, particularly after @maheshmurthy pointed out that almost 10 lakh of 40 (rather 45) lakh average daily transactions are unsuccessful. The IRCTC, rather the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, is the largest ticketing website in India, and the last time they published this data (a couple of years ago), they were averaging gross transactions of over $100 million a month. Via this chart, we wanted to give you a sense of how the successful-vs-failed transactions trend has changed over a period of time.

Data Source: IRCTC

Some observations, for the time period under consideration (Jan 2010 to July 2011):

  • In a time span of one year, the number of successful transactions have gone up by 58.47% while the number of failed transactions have increased by 64.92% (albeit on a much lower base of 1.91 million).
  • The success percentage has ranged between 73.57% (November 2010) and 79.8% (July 2010), and the failure rates appear to be proportionate to the total number of transactions.
  • Total Transactions have ranged between 8.25 million (1.91 million failed) in Jan 2010, and 13.52 million and 3.14 million in July 2011, though the rise hasn’t been consistent.

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