Some data for the online travel industry: According to data received by MediaNama via an RTI filing with the DGCA, among all the airline carriers in India, Kingfisher (including the erstwhile Deccan Aviation) topped the list carrying nearly 9.61 lakh passengers for the month of July 2011. However, Kingfisher faces stiff competition from IndiGo, which has consistently been battling for the top spot since December 2010.

Some observations:
– IndiGo carried 10.91 lakh passengers in May 2011, it’s highest ever. It saw a rise from the number 4 spot to the number 2 spot in the short timespan of three months between Septmber 2010 and December 2010, when it flew past AirIndia and Jet Airways.
– The figures for Air India passengers appears to be declining after December 2010, when it reached its peak with 8.90 lakh passengers. Air India carried 8.33 lakh passengers in July 2011, the fourth highest for the month.
– May seems to be the best productive month for all the carriers. Most of the airlines have attained there peak during this time. Also note that the peaks have swelled by 4.69% in a time span of two years.
– Number of passengers are increasing. Over the time span of two years, there has been an increase of 25.42%. If we compare the figures of May 2010 and May 2011, a growth of 15.29 % is registered.

Data Source: RTI with Director General of Civil Aviation

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