The number of public call offices (PCO) in India declined by 39.67%  from 5.52 million in December 2009 to 3.33 million  in March 2011. Year on year, comparing March 2010 and 2011, the decline was 27.45%, from 4.59 million PCOs – a decline of 1.26 million PCOs. Quarter on quarter, in comparison with December 2010, the decline was around 150,000, from 3.48 million at the end of December 2010. PCOs are essentially privately managed telephones for public use, and are similar to telephone booths. Not unexpected: the Indian telecom regulator (TRAI) attributes the decline in the number of PCOs to the increase in the number of mobile connections in India.

Operator Specific Data:

– As on March 2011, BSNL held the lions share of the market at 41.84%, with 1.39 million PCOs. However, it has shown a constant decline in terms of absolute figures. If we compare with December 2010, the number of PCOs came down from 1.47 million to 1.39 million showing a decrease of 5.44%.

– Tata Teleservices was second with 29.38% of market share and o.98 million PCOs.

– For Sistema, Reliance and Quadrant the number of  PCOs had remained constant. For March 2011, Sistema had a market share of 0.72% with 0.02 million PCOs whereas Quadrant had 0.38% with 0.01 million . Reliance ranked third with 20.29% of market share and 0.68 million PCOs.

– Bharti Airtel witnessed 9.16% decline in number of  PCOs from 0.08 million PCOs in December 2010 to 0.07 million PCOs in March 2011. Its  market share for March 2011 is 2.13%.

Data Source: TRAI

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