Unlike the chart for the Average Revenue Per User for CDMA customers, there is only one noticeable trend among GSM mobile services in India – that it is all downhill. That is, apart from the Jammu and Kashmir cicle, which – as of March 2011 – had the highest ARPU in India of Rs 149 (to go with its CDMA ARPU of Rs 260). For all the remaining circles ARPU has come down significantly with Punjab encountering a decline of 40.11%.

Some observations from March 2011:
– Kerala and Uttar Pradesh East have the lowest GSM ARPU with Rs 88.
– The highest CDMA ARPU is 94.6% higher than the highest GSM ARPU.
– The lowest GSM ARPU is 60% higher than the lowest CDMA ARPU (Rs 55).
– Tamil Nadu has an ARPU of Rs 105, a 22.79% decline from December 2009.

Data Source: TRAI

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