As of March 2011, the number of GSM towers deployed by BSNL exceeded the number of CDMA towers by 47,551: BSNL has 58,405 GSM towers, while it has 10,854 CDMA towers. In terms of states, Maharashtra had the maximum GSM towers (5480), while the far flung Andaman and Nicobar Islands had the least with 124. Kerala had the maximum CDMA towers with 1,116 while Andaman and Nicobar had only 98. Interestingly, the North East region had comparable figures for GSM and CDMA towers with 930 and 910 towers respectively. Why are these numbers important? Well, towers impact connectivity, and connectivity impacts accessibility for citizens and businesses.

Also, a caveat: the response we received from BSNL to our RTI also mentioned two acronyms we couldn’t figure out – KTD and CHTD. Any clues?

Data Source: BSNL, Via RTI

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