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Tyroo Launches Dynamic Retargeting Service

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Tyroo, an online advertising network owned both by the Smile Interactive group and Yahoo India, has launched a dynamic retargeting service for Indian advertisers. The service will enable advertisers to identify drop off visitors, study their online behavior and usage pattern, and target them even when they leave the web site by generating customized, dynamic banner messages for each one of them. The company is specifically targeting e-commerce companies and other advertisers that sell catalogs of products. Tyroo claims that with the use of this service ROI on advertisements will increase significantly.

How Retargeting Works

Drop-off visitors are users who visit the advertiser’s site, or a site which sells the advertiser’s products or just a site where the advertiser has advertised, but don’t take any action, and move to another site. For example, if a user visits an e-commerce site and searches for a particular mobile handset,but doesn’t make a purchase and switches to another site, the retargeting service will instantly generate banner ads, enabling the company to place them on sites which the user visits. It might even list the the product on top when a user searches for a mobile phone on a search engine and display a different landing page for the user to feature that product.

Another online advertising company, Vizuri Interactive also offers behavioral retargeting solutions for advertisers. It had recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Ojas Ventures and Inventus Capital Partners.


Although, dynamic retargeting is an effective strategy to attract and retain users but going on an overkill, might end up hurting companies and their brands, since people might find it irritating, and equate it to online stalking.

Also, do read what Alan Pearlstein, CEO of retargeting company Cross Pixel Media, has to say about personalized retargeting gone wrong.

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  • Dash

    Is this a paid advertIsing post?

    How is this a news? Most of the major ad networks have been offering retargeting since over 2 years.

    • it’s not paid. never will be. ever. are you saying that ad networks in India have been offering retargeting? if that is the case, then it’s our mistake – we weren’t aware of it. We thought retargeting was new to the market, and hence this is news.

      • Dash is right, Vizury has been doing this for a long time and IIRC, with Cleartrip.

        • we’ve mentioned Vizury in the post. this is the second we’ve come across. nowhere have we said that this is the only

        • was responding to your response to Dash. 

          Anyway, I have no beef in this. Stepping away gently from the keyboard :-)

  • Siddharth

    To clarify difference between re-targeting being offered and the offering which Tyroo is trying to provide is ability to do Dynamic Banner which is something unique and game changer in field of Re-targeting.  Dynamic re-targeting which is the term given basically means constructing a banner in real time with exact product image, product name,info pricing and call to action.

    • Siddharth, Vizury has been doing this for more than 18 months now. So your offering doesn’t seem to be ‘unique’

      • Siddharth

        Hi Saurabh,

        unique difference is driven around 2 things

        i) Our  Dynamic banner has ability to track user upto 5 products
        ii) Our ability to plug-in data captured outside the campaign by advertiser and re-activate non active user base.
        iii) Display advertising not restricting to text
        iv) Ability to offer differentiating conversion across both Post click conversion and Post view conversion which till now most of the re-targeting companies were provided as combined data to e-commerce company.

        • Siddharth

          started with 2 found out 4 :)