According to the Indian telecom regulator TRAI, nearly 8.54 million  subscribers were issued porting requests in the month of April 2011, an increase of 32.98% month on month. In March 2011, 6.42 million subscribers had submitted requests for changing their telecom service provider, but there have been concerns around porting requests being granted. Last month, the TRAI had directed telecom operators not to reject porting requests due to inconsequential outstanding amounts of less than Rs 10, or on grounds of contractual obligations, apart from a bundled handset with contract, with an exit clause and the subscriber not complying to the clause.

The TRAI has not released operator-wise MNP data, but we do have statewise information:

– Zone 1 saw 4,816,752 porting requests which is 29.34 % more than Zone 2 which encountered 3,724,012.
– Gujarat saw 8,33,672 porting requests which is the maximum for both Zone 1 and Zone 2, an increase of 35.05% from March,2011 .
– Delhi tops among the metropolitan cities with 4,39,392 porting requests.
– In Zone 2 Karnataka witnessed the maximum number of porting requests- 6,63,151. Last month it saw 5,29,020 porting requests  .
– North East registered an increase of 35.19% from last month and saw 6,399 porting requests.
– Jammu and Kashmir encountered 2,199 porting requests, a growth of 16.10% as compared to last month figures which were 1894.
– Orissa saw net increase of 47.41% in porting requests. Total porting requests for the month of April is 1,60,973.


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