Komli Media has announced the acquisition of Aktiv Digital, a media sales house with offices/representatives in multiple markets in South East Asia, including (according to its website) – China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. Aktiv has a platform that allows advertisers single-site buys, content channels and a CPC and CPA performance based offering with re-targeting capabilities. Komli claims that Aktiv has been working with over 500 brands in the last 3 years.

In a statement, Komli says that all the staff of Aktiv has been retained, with Sales Director Chris Pattinson promoted to Chief Revenue Officer. They’ve hired Calvin Choi, previously with TravelZoo, as Business Development Director to expand its publisher footprint across the region, to they’ll be looking to acquire inventory as well. Aktiv, last year, was appointed as the sales house for advertising on Real Player.

Komli’s Funded Acquisitions

The acquisition gives Komli deeper access to potential advertisers and ad inventory in these markets. The amount paid for the acquisition, and the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the acquisitions would have been funded through Komli’s venture capital fun-raising: $15 million in January 2011, and $6 million in July 2010.

This acquisition has been announced almost a year after it acquired a site representation (sales) firm PostClick in Australia, with a similar target market in mind – Australia and South East Asia. Komli also acquired UK based Indoor Media last year. Komli’s sister concern – Pubmatic – recently also acquired Ad Network Optimisation platform ReviNet. Pubmatic also raised $7.5 million last year.

According to Komli Media’s filing with India’s Registrar of Companies, for the year ending March 31st 2010, the company earned an income of Rs. 8,61,90,217, and incurred a loss of Rs. 6,81,70,538 (approximately $1.5 million). During the year, Komli reported foreign exchange earnings of Rs. 1,58,72,240, and outgo of Rs. 3,73,45,360.