The Facebook page and twitter profile that hosted all details of  Operation India, the Indian operations from the vigilante anonymous hacker group Anonymous, appear to have been removed: the Facebook page  now redirects to the Facebook homepage, and the Twitter ID does not exist. This was first reported by The Next Web India.

A ‘Video Press Release’ on YouTube has also been removed, stating ‘This Video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content’.

Note that one Twitter account remains – AnonOpsIndia, but that hasn’t been used since June 8th. We don’t know if the government had this content removed, and are checking with Facebook India and Google India to confirm. If anyone has a contact in Twitter, let me know at

Attack on NIC and Army Website Last Week; Start, Stop, Start?

The content was there last week, when Anonymous India attacked the server of the National Informatics Centre (NIC), and took the Indian Army website down for an hour. The Hacker News has screenshots of data related to the NIC server: serverlogs (direct link), error logs (direct link), a list of government websites (direct link)

Last week, after the attack on the Indian Army’s website, I had also recommended that they stop the attacks, since these attacks might now help the Department of IT push through the draconian Internet Control Rules, though they won’t really help in dealing with attacks such as those from Anonymous. Following a suggestion from a user on twitter to not attack the websites of the Defense Forces, OperationIndia had tweeted that they will stop.

If, since then, the government has had their pages removed, there is no guarantee that Anonymous won’t attack again.

NIC Website Site Hacked By Anonymous In Response To Ramdev Action