Following our report on UTV Interactive giving Techtree, CXO Today, ChannelTimes to L. Subramanyanan founded Trivone Digital Services, under management contract, one of our readers pointed out in the comments that, one of the publications that UTV had acquired by virtue of its acquisition of IT Nation, was not a part of the deal. A who-is search for revealed that it has been registered by Kunal Rupera.

MediaNama contacted both UTV and Rupera for details on how the transfer of, curious about whether it was sold separately or, as our readers pointed out, whether they forgot to renew the domain. In conversation with MediaNama, Rupera said that he used to work with UTV as Assistant Editor for, reporting to Sudhir Narasimhan, who was Editor in Chief for all online brands – Channel Times, Techtree, and CXO Today. After Rupera left the company, a friend pointed out to him that the site (Enterpriser) was not opening. He checked, and found that it wasn’t registered any more – the DNS wasn’t working, and the who-is lookup showed that it was not registered. So he registered it.

Rupera says that UTV did contact him about getting it back, and he did meet them, but after initial discussions, they never got back to him with an offer, or a response to his question of what they wanted to do with it. “There was no offer, and no figure mentioned. There was nothing on developing it outright, or buying it back from me. If you say that I was being opportunitstic – I wasn’t meaning to. But I don’t want to give it for free for sure. I don’t know if they really needed it or not,” he told MediaNama. Rupera is a freelancer, and plans to run the site as a content business. Updates are sparse, but he says it needs a content team.

We also contacted UTV (a few times) for their comments on, but have received no response over the past two weeks. When UTV bought it as a part of the ITNation portfolio, was a site catering to small businesses. UTV had acquired 76% in IT Nation for Rs. 15 crore in 2008.