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April 2011: India Added over 11.10 Million GSM Connections

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India Telecom Data
The Cellular Operators Association of India (which includes most of India’s GSM telecomoperators) has reported an increase of 11.10 million GSM connections in the country for the month of April 2011, up 1.95% for the month. Note that no information has been revealed about the active users and multi sim users.Telecom operator and circle-wise data (excluding Reliance and Tata):

-Etisalat added 237,026 new connections  in the month of April with a growth of 24.48% albeit on a small base.

-MTNL’s poor run continues with adding only 14,633 connections with a net change of 0.28%.Its total connection base now stands at 5,213,970 connections.

-Airtel,Vodafone and Idea Cellular added nearly 2.4 million GSM connections.

– Uninor continues to be the strongest among the new telcos, adding 1.45 million connections for the month.

-Madhya Pradesh has added the maximum connections with a net change of  4.06% taking its connection base to 30.28 Million.

-Himachal Pradesh and Kolkata encountered a decline in its connection base from last month.

-Delhi added 713,546 connections in April.

Although the report states that 11.10 million GSM connections were added last month,this figure is minuscule in comparison with the  last month figures where nearly 14.49 million new connections were added.With TRAI getting more teeth can we expect some encouraging figures for the ongoing month?


Download: GSM Data from COAI (.xls file)


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  • Its interesting to note the trend for MTNL here. It hasn’t been faring well the last few quarters. What is surprising though that the Govt. has not looked at privatizing or combining the operations of BSNL and MTNL. While the NDA was quick to do this back in 2002-2003 with VSNL, the UPA govt. seems to make MTNL and BSNL a case of sacred cow

    Here is a link of a news article from 2003 where the then Telecom minister Chandrababu Naidu had said he supported privatisation but wondered whether BSNL and MTNL first needed to be brought together before being sold.
    “Most telecom experts and economists have told us
    that these companies will not survive in the new competitive environment unless
    they are brought together. I have always believed in quick decisions, but
    sometimes we need to be patient.”   –  http://www.indianexpress.com/oldStory/16496/

    8 years later, we are looking at that doomsday scenario

  • Nadeem

    Does this include 3G connections?