The Performance Users Study conducted by Internet advertising network Ozone Media, analyzing 1000 online ad campaigns on its network, from January 2010 to December 2010 across various segments including education, travel, matrimony, real estate and finance, suggests that online ads in regional languages namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, are 30% more efficient in getting response from Resident Indians compared to English language ads. The sample consists of responses from resident and non-resident Indians. However, the sample size is not known, and readers should keep in mind that performance of advertising can vary across networks and sites: these results should be seen as being indicative of performance across Ozone Media’s network of sites (which has regional sites), and not of other networks.

Response to Regional Language ads across segments

According to Ozone’s report, business & financial services and matrimony categories are the ones using regional language ads intensively in their web campaigns. It says that although 12 categories were considered for analyses, these two have leveraged regional language advertising in a major way.

While, resident Indians respond more to matrimony ads in English, their Non-Resident counterparts registered a higher conversion rate with regional language matrimony ads. The reverse was observed in the case of business and financial services ads.

Ozone observed that Tamil and Telugu were driving the maximum number of conversions in regional language ads, across its network.

Effectiveness of Web Ads on the basis of Banner Size

Popunder, Catfish and slider ads were found to be most effective across both resident Indians and NRIs, while Leaderboard, Full banner and Popunder ads were found to be most efficient across both segments.

Ozone feels that this is just opposite to the perceived notion that ads which are in-line with the website’s content get a better response. The report also mentions that NRIs respond better to strip ads whereas square banners get better responses from resident Indians.

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