Opera Software, which positions India as the third largest market for its Opera Mini mobile browser, has indicated a comparative decline in mobile usage for Orkut: from consistently being the number two site at least until September 2010, Orkut has slipped to the number four position, behind Google (consistently number one), Facebook and YouTube. Youtube and Wikipedia have also scaled up in rankings; meanwhile, for the year,  Twitter ended up in the top 20, at number 16, as more and more users use their phones to tweet.

Opera’s State of the Mobile web report for Decemeber 2010, suggests that in terms of unique users it has seen a year on year increase of  280.6%, a 379% increase in page views, and page views per user stands at 427. In addition to that, data transfer has seen a rise of 316.9% since last year and users consumed 7MB of data per month on an average.

Among handsets,. Nokia 5130 Xpress Music continues to be the preferred device for Opera Mini users in India, while Nokia 5233 has moved up two places since November 2010.

Download Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report for December 2010 here.

Note: Please keep in mind that, despite being called ‘State of the Mobile Web’, it is likely that it is not. The data is indicative of data consumption on the Opera Software browsers on the mobile, and not other modes of access, of which applications and default handset browsers are a key component. Also, growth may not be indicated of larger market trends since a growth could be on account of more handsets that have the Opera Mini browser installed.

Opera Mini’s India Users Pay Avg Rs. 42 Per Month For Pay Per Use Data