In the month of July, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation), which manages the online rail ticketing for the Indian Railways, handled around 9.92 million transactions, of which 7.92 million were successful – a total of 79.8%. IRCTC reported an 11.84% rise in the number of total transactions over the month of July, where it reported 8.87 million transactions, with 78.04% of them (6.92 million) successful. 2 Million failed transactions is a fairly substantive number, and IRCTC does need to improve its conversion rate. At this scale, a 20.2% failure rate is much too high.

Payment Gateway specific information:

SBI Debit Card: accounted for 11.5% of total transactions, and 10% of total successful transactions, with a 13.25% increase in the total number of failed transactions.

ICICI Payment Gateway: Saw a 8.62% of total successful transactions, declining from 7.47% in June. Though the total number of transactions increased by 14.68% at 949,843 from 826,944 in June.

Citibank: Total number of transactions rose from 394,148 in June to 444,547 in July, a rise of 12.79%. 3.29% of total successful transactions belonged to CITIBANK as against 2.94% in June.

HDFC: Amounted to 5.65% of total successful transactions as against 5.04% in June. Total Transactions stood at 654,239, 12.62% higher than 580.923, in June.

Amex: Total number of transactions were 38,049 as against 32,136 in June, a rise of 18.4%. While they had 0.28% of total successful transactions as against 0.24% in June.

Axis Bank: 245,412 total transactions in July, 8.91% higher than in June, 225,345. 1.19% of total successful transactions as against 1.67% in June.

Cash Cards

Cash cards accounted for 14% of total transactions, and reported the much higher successful transaction rate that bank gateways. Cash Cards accounted for 15.5% of total successful transactions on IRCTC payment gateways.

Itz Cash Card: 9.71% of total successful transactions, July, 8.57 in June. 978,674 total connections, raise by 9.35% from 894,980

Done Card: 1.12% total successful transactions, July, 1.28% in June. 125,811 total connections, fell by 23.37% from 164,176

I Cash Card: 2.99% total successful transactions, July, 2.52% in June. 288,131 total connections, raise by 18.15% from 243,874