Tata Indicom has launched “Doctor on Call” service in partnership with Healthcare Magic, an Accel Partners funded Tata Indicom, to offer consultation services for Acute and chronic emergency situations. The service is priced at Rs. 9 per minute, and available for Tata Indicom (at 54887) and Tata Walky subscribers. This is Healthcare Magic’s second such deal that we know of – previously they had tied up with Loop Mobile for the same service, priced at Rs. 8-10 per minute for consultations.

HealthcareMagic connects medical professionals with those seeking consultation: callers are offered consultation with doctors via phone, and the Internet. On the phone, a doctor registers the personal data and medical history of the subscriber, diagnoses the cases, based on whether the issue is acute, chronic and emergency.

What we found rather strange is that in case of an acute condition, as per the press release, “the caller will be given three different diagnoses by the attending doctor who will also suggest some home remedy to the caller for immediate relief.” Really…three diagnoses?

Thankfully, in case of emergency, the doctors plan to suggest that the patient be rushed to the nearest hospital. I guess they don’t want to take the risk, and they shouldn’t. But one does wonder – where does the liability lie in case something goes wrong? With Tata Indicom or Loop, since it is an operator service, with Healthcare Magic or with the doctor? Perhaps all three.

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