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JustDial’s Reseller Program: Data Collection, But More About Sales

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As far as local business listings go, you’re only as good as your database: JustDial, among India’s largest business listings businesses has introduced a Reseller program, writes Pluggd.in. JustDial is looking to pay people to collect data for their database – resellers will be paid Rs. 15 for every unique data (not in JustDial’s records), and an additional Rs. 5 for a photo. Not a new model – print based Yellow Pages listings have traditionally charged for listings, and had feet-on-the-street for collecting data and selling space in their listings.

It’s interesting that JustDial is replicating this model for its telephonic and website based business search service: they are effectively recruiting a large, on-ground sales force that will sell sponsored/premium search results, and help scale its advertiser base significantly (hence perhaps bring stability to revenues?). We see this more as a sales initiative than a data collection initiative: sure you need to keep updating your data (data validation is critical), but that can also be seen as a starting point for the sales process for JustDial.

JustDial offers the recruit 33% of money earned from selling Smart Listings (which we assume will be used for lead generation by businesses), and 20% of the money paid for monthly renewals. Smart Listings cost Rs. 2999 for Type A cities (where JustDial has an office) and Rs. 1500 in others, while monthly renewals cost Rs. 500.


In the past, Info Edge (Naukri) has hired a large sales force of over 1200, to sell online job listings; from what we hear, IndiaMart.com also has a significant number of feet-on-the-street getting Small and Medium Enterprises to register for their online business listings.

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  • We have a sizable base of Resellers already, spread over 100 plus cities. Many Resellers are earning Rs. 10-15K a month. So, not a bad beginning! Just thought of giving an update from Justdial to the readers. Regards, Subhanker Sarker, President, Justdial.

  • Kabra

    Justdial operates very unstable reseller program, They Never Pay you on time, Whereas their data acceptance policy is deceptive because Justdial never published these set of rules about selecting and rejecting of data over their website before 22nd of July whereas they are forcefully implementing the same to their existing resellers since the launch of their reseller program. I personally lost Rs75000/- as investment to hire employees for their program and ended with losses. BEWARE !!

    • Himanshu

      Hi Mr kabra…even i m planning the same thing as u did would like to know more abt it..are they really cheaters ??

      • kabra

        Himanshu – They are not cheaters but we started with them very initially with the launch of reseller program but at that time they never disclosed their set of rules associated with acceptance and rejection of data leads. As I can see they have Now published full detail on their website but yes its indeed a tough task to match with their rules since they don't pay you if your 80% data is correct, No matter if your upload thousands of data or few hundreds. But at the end of the day with my own personal experience I WONT RECOMMEND JUST DIAL RESELLER PROGRAM TO ANYONE !!