Darpan Jain has been appointed COO of 123Greetings, a venture from BSE listed Intrasoft Technologies. Jain has joined Intrasoft’s Kolkata office from 21st June, 2010, and will be responsible for work related to technology, products, operations, features, user behaviour, new initiatives and content. Jain had previously been DGM with HT Media’s Internet company Firefly e-Ventures, a company that has itself failed to shine. Prior to Jain was with Indiatimes for four years as Senior Manager.

In our opinion, Jain’s challenge lies more in creating new products and revenue streams, and maintaining (or even expanding) an audience base. It’s a tricky business when your primary revenue stream is dependent on people sending greeting cards online, an activity that is shifting to social networks. Intrasoft also plans to launch an E-invite business, where there is global competition from Evite and Eventbrite, numerous Twitter invitation apps, and internal Facebook event invitations, as well as Indian companies like Ayojak and DoAttend.

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