Live Current Media, which exited the Cricket business following an expensive and unprofitable foray into Cricket Digital Rights with the Indian Premier League, has announced that its President Mark Melville has resigned and will leave the company effective October 1st 2010. Melville will assume a leadership position at Global Cricket Ventures, the Elephant Capital funded entity which was initially formed as a joint venture between NetLink Blue Holdings and Live Current Media. Melville will assist in the recruitment of his replacement, and will not draw a salary from LCM, though will receive accrued but unpaid compensation. Two other members of LCM’s management have also resigned.

LCM’s agreement with Global Cricket Ventures covers the transfer of the domain name ‘, and its associated operations; rights related to the Indian Premier League are already vested with GCV. Melville’s replacement will be hired to focus on e-commerce, and the monetisation of LCM’s property, as a source of perfume related content and the latest fragrances not available elsewhere on the Internet.