Some of our readers had shared questions regarding the delivery of advertising at a city level on Digital Cable in India (read our post on VuBites and Amagi for more details, here). Following up with his earlier comments, Tushar Vyas, Director & CMO at SureWaves, which is also in the same space, has this to say:

The local advertisement is being served by the broadcast channel, or in partnership with broadcast channels.

On Conflict With National Level Ads

Typically, a broadcast channel will keep a provision for Spot TV slots in their schedule or replace Program Promos (house ads). This way, the advertisement placed by an agency at a national level doesn’t get affected by local advertising.

On How Ad Insertion Takes Place

The local advertisement insertion at MSO (Multi Service Operator) or distribution point is control based, on a central trigger provided by the Broadcast channel. The edge device at MSO acts based on the central trigger, and inserts the local advertisement. SureWaves has the SureWaves Media Grid – an integrated Ad Aggregation, Content Delivery, Network Management, Media Planning & Reporting Platform for multiple forms of digital media, and edge devices behave based on rules set by user at the Media Grid.

The edge device switches back to Broadcast feed based on next trigger or once predefined local advertisement has been played out. A good system will do almost frame-accurate & seamless insertion of local content.


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