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BSNL Drops 3G Data Card Rates Across India: Tariff War?

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Don’t you just love price wars? BSNL, the government owned telecom operator, has thrown down the gauntlet by launching 3G EVDO plans that substantially lowers access charges for consumers on the move. Though it’s a pan-India launch, though we’re not sure if Delhi or Mumbai are a part of the plan, since BSNL doesn’t service these cities; sister concern MTNL does. BSNL claims this is a pan-India offer, but doesn’t specify which cities will receive the 3.1 mbps speed, and which will switch to lower speeds. So far, 3G is about data cards in India.

Frankly, I’m tempted to switch: just got my RCOM data card bill last night, it’s a connection I rarely use, since there’s broadband + WiFi at home and in the office, and I’m paying Rs. 650 for a 1 GB/month plan. For the same plan with BSNL, I would be paying less than half that much, at Rs. 299.

Does BSNL have excessive under-utilized 3G bandwidth to spare? Sure looks like it: BSNL appears to be encouraging users to take the unlimited plan, which will cost Rs. 750 per month for users who sign up until the end of March 2010, after which it will increase to Rs. 999 per month. In case of the other EVDO service providers, unlimited isn’t really unlimited: there’s an unfair “Fair Usage” clause.

Another thing to keep in mind is the customer care: I’ve been using my Reliance Broadband Data card since yesterday because my MTNL broadband connections have been iffy for four days, and no one’s come to fix it. Thus I’m sceptical about the customer care offered by PSUs. Tata Photon was never an option for me, after my horrendous experience with their (lack of) customer care a few years ago. In contrast, in three years, I’ve never once needed assistance with the RCOM data card. Maybe they’ll lower rates too. (Hint, hint)



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  • I'm too tempted to switch … I barely use my reliance netconnect .. pay 499 per month for 50-100mb of usage i do and feel bad each time i pay the bill .. But after getting BSNL 3G sim card .. i decided to give up my airtel mobile office connection.

    Now after BSNL EVDO might give up reliance netconnect . But only one thing is stopping me from doing it. Reliance has pretty good all india coverage and gets great signal even in busy areas and airports . Will BSNL EVDO be a competent service ?

    • kamal

      Please check the network strength then only decide for switching I am a suffer I have been using this 3G sim for the last fifteen horrible days. The customer care of BSNL is world's most 3rd class, they executives handling the customer are really illiterate abut the product they were supposed to guide the customers, any language you speak they won't understand.
      For the last fifteen day I have been knocking pillars and post of this BSNL no help ….. rethink twice before switching to this service.

      • Harish

        Yes they won't know anything about the product, but they will reply to your call soon and try to do something if they could. I am also a BSNL broadband user, I call them and within on day they solve my problem(only easy ones). Is this EV-DO service works in Madhya Pradesh

    • chandrashekar

      From past few days i was in search of the decent data card internet tariffs, of all BSNL cost less. ofcourse the customer care is a problem, but problem will be solved for which one has to visit their office(thats what i do). People in BSNL except 1 or 2 most of them were friendly to help. Most of the times we too talk to them as they are our servers because they are govt. employees.
      I have seen my friends using reliance netconect and photon. Photon is okay but netconnect is slow. I bought BSNL-EVDO with their claim of upto 2mbps speed. I am getting pretty fast net as compared to other private net providers. Only during downloads its slow, hence one can plan their downloads during nights(after 11)
      BSNL 3G, though i havent seen anyone using, but officers say its has good speed. So we can trust because they dont have any compulsion to sell as private sectors. But still 3G even in slashed rates a bit costly for single net users like me and may be useful for the one who has high data downloads.
      Regarding the coverage in city interiors its good thats what BSNL officials told.
      Overall one can opt for BSNL if you want low cost, good quality but slow in customer service via phone. and finally BSNL to apnaa company hai bhai….lets all support it.

  • dumb

    ohh ya u sure would…bsnl has good coverage. i am not a user myself but my friend used it n love it..

    get it son. get it.

  • Does MTNL also provide this card in Mumbai? Or BSNL is selling here too?

  • Guys after reading all these comments i am really confused which connection to go for …..? I am currently based in pune and to my knowledge Rcom-connection works better here .But i am too tempted to go for this Photon connection launced in Pune recently ….This thing has been functioning very well in Delhi but i have my doubts about its working in Pune…? Plz suggest

    • chk for tat indicom coverage in your area before taking the plunge . RCom is pretty good all over india

  • Annie

    Guyz can anyone please inform me about the cost of bsnl evdo's data card???

    • Sam

      Its Rs.2700/- only

    • Rinkubhai2010

      2500 (two thousand and five hundred only)

  • dumb

    Annie – read the article properly it has the cost.

  • Rahul

    Hey, Will the BSNL 3g Data Card work in Mumbai.. coz in mumbai it is MTNL.
    The customer Care says it will work..but am not sure.. Can you anyone confirm this?

    • guest

      Nope it doesn't. I have BSNL 3g Data Card, it works perfect in other states.
      Recently I moved to Delhi & BSNL datacard stopped working.
      I approached MTNL office where the officials told it MTNL will work on BSNL. I purchased MTNL sim & loaded in BSNL 3G data card… it doesn't work.
      I'll have to run now to find BSNL office for assistance. It sucks.

  • pawan

    bsnl data card is very good device and i thanks to bsnl for providing that solution of internet . the internet speed is very good and very effective .
    i want to contact the bsnl service provider for a so;ution that sometimes it provides very good speed and some times speed goes very low mostly at day time . please give me a feed back. i am waiting for your reply

  • Sudarshan

    Actually I tempted by MTNL 3G and tried to get the sim but it didn't happened. Becuase unlike other operators like airtel, voda, aircel. MTNL simcard is not available in shops or small electronic repair shop. I asked them where I will get MTNL simcard they also dont know….. Can anybody will tell me how I will get MTNL 3G sim in mumbai

  • Sanjay Pedgaonkar

    how is the coverage of BSNL 3g Data card in Andhra Pradesh. interiors.

    • Jai

      Worst coverage in the Hyderabad city itself. No coverage at all at towns. Wrong decision to go to BSNL 3G data card . No customer support and no proper information from any body.

  • Hi all
    I am using bsnl land broadband, when in roming I have to use any mobile internet to access my laptop. I have taken Tata indicom and reliance, later I have taken BSNL 3g in last year first launching. Even today no body is clearly informing the tariff of 3G, when I ask Bsnl officers, all are busy and not getting right answer, they are not update the website and seems to be very negligence on 3G connections. Regarding land Broadband, its work very fine. To update my website SubhaVaastu.com I must require mobile connectivity. I procure info from other websites, but those e load is not working or few times wrong message shown. Authorities has to take action to update the information and networking. When I go to other states, then the connection is too much slow, ever we never to open websites also. The private operators are more better than BSNL 3G datacard. Sorry to say this. regards

    • Rinkubhai2010

      use reliance 3g data card, it give u 21.6 Mbps speed, u can try it on a buying reliance 3g sim in a 3g phone and connect to computer if u like then buy 3g data card

  • Jim

    BSNL has started to cheat people. They will give you an unlimited plan and suddenly change into a limited one without informing the customers. My bill came upto Rs20,000 in six days. I took an unlimited plan of Rs1359 in the month of Dec, 2011. Every month I was paying around Rs1800. But in the March, 2011, I was shocked to get a bill of Rs20,000. After enquiring in the BSNL office, they simply said that the plan has changed to 15GB and I have to pay the money. This is pathetic.