Net profits continue to stumble at mobile VAS company Tanla Solutions, which has registered a 71.8 percent decline to Rs. 126.6 million in the quarter ended December 2009 compared to the same quarter in 2008.  Consolidated revenues have reduced 44.4 percent year on year to Rs. 935 million, with overseas revenues taking a dive to Rs. 917.5 million. The company relies primarily on overseas revenue from UK and Dubai media and telecom firms and its revenue growth has mirrored the growth in overseas sales as usual.

Domestic Revenues Down Ten-Fold YoY

This quarter, revenues from India have registered a sheer 89 percent drop year on year and 13.6 percent quarter on quarter, similar to the September quarter indicating that Tanla is having trouble building its presence in the subcontinent though it has been successful outside it. Though its domestic business had increased in the September quarter to Rs. 7.6 million, the December quarter saw it falling back, 13.6 percent lower, sequentially, to Rs. 6.57 million.  The company has a joint venture with ZED Worldwide called TZ Mobile.

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Tanla offers a range of value added services for media firms and telcos including content and campaign management, an MMS gateway, phone billing through Premium SMS for mobile applications and M-Raga, a mobile radio service as well as 3G services.

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