Tata Communications will take over BT Group Plc(BT)’s proprietary digital media management platform BT Mosaic, according to a notice issued to the BSE. Mosaic belongs to subsidiary British Telecom Group Plc’s Media and Broadcasting division. The assets of the transaction stood at  0.5 million pounds as of September 30, 2009.

With Mosaic, media companies can manage and monetise their digital content, gain analytics, enable delivery in multiple formats and include third party software. It is targeted at production houses, publishers, content providers and TV channels.

Tata Communications’ Media and Entertaining Services

Its target market was completely local and with this acquisition, the company will step into the global scene. Its existing portfolio of services was:

  • A video over fiber solution for transmitting multimedia content from India to US or other markets.
  • Event Broadcasting Service: To capture ad hoc breaking news and events for long distance coverage.
  • Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) Service: This allowed instant news up-linking for reporters.
  • Broadcasting Services: Here, Tata Communications offered 2 formats – one for delivering digital channels to overseas markets called Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) and Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) format for transmission of TV programs studio-to-studio within India.
  • Corporate Communications: Webcasting to communicate to offices in different geographical locations.
  • Network Services: For streaming content using e-cinema or Web TV. Also for managing voice and data traffic, delivering video-on-demand.

Mosaic’s Clients

Previously, Mosaic was completely deployed, managed and supported by BT – with the takeover, BT will still continue to deliver support for its customers in US and Europe in all countries through a sales channel agreement.

Some of BT’s clients for digital media solutions include Channel Five, Technicolor, CSI Sports and Tate Online, a platform for art online for which BT was the primary sponsor between 2001 to 2009, according to Wikipedia. Among Indian clients, it serves

Clarification: These clients would now be taken over by Tata Communications, which already offered online distribution and transmission of multimedia content from India to overseas markets.

The BT spokesperson has informed us that BT will continue to support all its customers and Indian clients too. We apologise for the error.

Tata Communications has a Tier-1 IP network called the Tata Global Network, to offer global network access to the solution. The Tata Global Network reaches over 200 countries and has 400 points of presence (definition on Wikipedia) which offer local connectivity to businesses.

NBC Universal had, last year, launched its Digital Solutions unit in India targeting online publishers and tied up with Ten Sports and Vdopia to launch TenSports.com, a free, Cricket live-streaming destination. But it has since then sold back its 26% stake in NDTV Networks Plc and Sab Kanaujia, VP (Digital Product Strategy & Development) resigned.


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