rediff-blogsIt has been almost four months since we had written about Rediff switching its blogs to WordPress MU, effectively addressing the dichotomy and pointlessness of maintaining both Rediff Blogs and Rediff iLand. Rediff has finally pulled the plug on Rediff iLand, its experiment with building a community around blogs, and is integrating blogs into its social initiative, Rediff MyPage. With Rediff iLand, the idea was right, but the execution lacked finesse. The Rediff iLand domain now redirects to Rediff Blogs. Quick notes on Rediff Blogs (for more read our previous story):

Needs To Improve Discovery Of Content: Looking at the new Rediff Blogs, we feel that Rediff could pay a little more attention to discovery of content, like they’ve done with Songbuzz. The ‘What’s The Buzz’ section needs to be scaled up to segment blogs or content by language, popularity, topics, and have editors integrate quality content with


Integrated WordPress: The wordpress back end has been redesigned to give it a Rediff look, but on the front end, despite the availability of themes, the rather large Rediff navigation bar and search box on top looks rather in-your-face and completely out of sync with the blog design. Suggestion to Rediff: keep it small, usable, the way Blogger and have done.

No Mobile: I tried accessing from my mobile phone, and both the blogs homepage and specific blogs are not mobile friendly. Given the companys mobile focus over the last year, this is surprising. Rediff should, by default, enable plugins line WordPress Mobile, which MediaNama also uses, to automatically make the content easily accessible on the mobile.

Indic Languages: The other interesting element is the support to 8 Indic languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati and Malayalam. The dropdown menu which enables users to switch languages didn’t show up on Google chrome. I had to log in using IE to locate the menu, which isn’t very noticeable in the first place.

Rediff Upgrading RediffBlogs, Migrating Users From iLand To WordPress MU