In November, a total of 11.09 million connections were added and India now has a total of 366.78 million GSM users. There was a 3.12 percent rise.indiatelecomdata

Note: The two data sheets for October and November have two different figures for the total number of additions for the month of October. The last month’s data reads, 10.32 million additions for October. This month’s data reads, 10.76 million additions for October.

Company-Wise Additions

  • Bharti Airtel’s total number of subscribers has reached 116.02 million with the addition of 2.8 million users in November.
  • Vodafone Essar is close behind with an addition of 2.78 million users. That is .20 million less of what it had added in October. Vodafone now has a total of 88.61 users in India.
  • BSNL added 1.23 million users in November better than .60 million it had added the previous month.
  • Idea Cellular added 2.55 million connections showing a growth of 4.78 as compared to October.
  • Aircel’s subscriber base grew by 5.79 percent. It added 1.61 million users in the month of November.
  • Loop Mobile added 50,303 new subscribers.
  • MTNL increased it total users from 4.44 million to 4.51 million in November.

Circle-Wise Additions

  • Metros continue to add subscribers by millions. In November the four metros added 1.04 million new connections with Kolkata alone adding 0.3 million.
  • A Circle grew 2.61 percent. The circle now has a total number of 125.37 million users.
  • UP(E) and Rajasthan in B Circle showed a growth of 5.20 percent and 5.16 percent.
  • C Circle added a total of 1.74 million GSM connections in November. Bihar added 0.97 million whereas J&K lost 55,773 subscribers.

Download: GSM Data from COAI (.xls file)