amarchitrakatha-iphoneACK Media, after tying up with domestic firms Vodafone and Synqua Games, has now roped in iRemedi, a US based firm, to put up 15 of its titles including Panchatantra Moral Stories, Mirabai, Ganesha, Buddha, Krishna, The Gita and Rama on Apple‘s virtual store. This attempt to reach a wider audience via iTunes AppStore has been priced carefully at $1.99-$2.99. Users can purchase the application, download onto their iPods or iPhones and read the comics at leisure. The application files are around 8mb in size. A video of this is on Youtube and a screenshot of the store is here. iRemedi has built the comic book reader application called Ether Media, which does what Amazon’s e-book reader Kindle does but only specifically for Apple products.


ACK will apparently put up 200 more titles this month on the store. Comics are fun to read on the laptop but will they be as popular amongst mobile users? ACK is betting on the characters to spark off revenue streams, but will it succeed where others haven’t? Liquid Comics (previously Virgin Comics) had attempted, a few years ago, to make games based on its Shakti comics for mobiles but we haven’t heard anything about it since the management change.

Read about ACK Media’s partnering with telco Vodafone to bring audio books, illustrated comics, ringtones and wallpapers of various comic book characters onto the cellphone medium and with Synqua Games, and Vodafone has extensively promoted the Amar Chitra Katha on mobile.

ACK has walked the line between premium and free content rather well – some of their content is available for reading free on the net, but if you want a specific title, a majority of their content is available only for purchase.