Update: another new site from Zapak, albeit not of much consequence, is Zapak Pro for cheat codes. This is likely to be traffic generator for them – users often search online for cheat codes, and might stumble upon Zapak as a consequence.

Original Story (April 21 2009): Zapak, the gaming business from Reliance BIG Entertainment, has launched a gaming site specifically for Pakistan at While the look and feel of the site is similar to that of Zapak India, the content is being curated: there don’t appear to be as many games as the Zapak India site, and hasn’t linked to other Zapak sites like Zapak Mail, Zapak Cricket, Zapak Girls or Zapak Kids; neither is there a link out to Zapak’s online multiplayer game Crazy Kart.

Apart from this, Zapak has also launched three sites for the UK:, which is based on,, based on their aggregator and, based on We were wondering why Zapak didn’t retain their brand for the UK market, and it appears that was registered by Mike Morgan in 2006. Zapak had spoken about their international plans with Business Standard last year.

Content Curation

When it comes to international sites, the context of a game might result in different reactions, owing largely to cultural differences. Thus, if launching a country specific site, where Zapak is looking at attract advertisers, they would be look to curate the games. A game is a game is a game, and language barriers don’t always hinder gameplay – many of us in India grew up playing games with Japanese language text and navigation on nintendos – but you never know what might spark off an unfortunate series of reactions.

Language sites

Speaking of languages,  the company has launched language versions for their gaming aggregator ZapakWorld. The language sites have been launched for their Addicting Games styled aggregator, with navigation in HindiSpanishPortugeseFrench and Russian. By the term “aggregator” we mean that the site showcases games which are freely available for embedding. We think this move could help Zapak assess how their content is working in different countries, before they launch a country specific site, and explore monetization by selling in-game advertising and banner ads.

P.s.: a list of Reliance BIG Entertainment businesses here.