Web18’s flagship portal In.com has launched a clone of popular microblogging site Tumblr called Blish, hosted at http://blish.in.com . We’d got the story independently, but it appears that it’s already been blogged about by Aalaap Ghag, a former Web18 employee.

Blish allows users to post both via email and SMS – users can email their message to blish@in.com, or via SMS to 51818 (Network18’s short code). Users can also publish via WAP from http://bl.in.com. We quite like the fact that they’ve launched with mobile functionality.

Much like Tumblr, Blish allows users to publish Text, Photos, Videos, Music and Links, and also allows them to syndicate their RSS and Twitter feeds. Take a look Web18 COO Rishi Khiani’s Blish. Then, take a look at this tumblr blog. Similar, innit?

What do you think of Blish? Would you create a Blish account over a Tumblr account? Or would you rather use Twitter? More on Blish later.

(Updates: corrected the spelling of Aalaap Ghag’s name. Sorry about that Aalaap)
Disclosure: I own an inconsequential number of Network18 shares