google-transliterationGoogle India has further expanded its transliteration service to include four other languages from the sub continent. The company now provides transliteration for Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali. While trying out the transliteration, I noticed that Google also allows users to key in the keys via an onscreen keyboard.Why doesn’t Google also allow users to key in words using the on screen keyboard directly?

Transliteration can be quite frustrating if you’re not used to it – Initially I had been quite sceptical of the service, but on noticing Hindi language journalists use it with ease, my opinion changed: those who need it will always find a way of using it, and with extended use, will get used to it.

At present, Google provides transliteration for Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil and Telugu.

Quillpad And Document Functionality

Do note that Tachyon Technologies (Quillpad) a company in which Rediff owns 26% stake also provides transliteration in the same languages, while also covering Punjabi

The Tachyon website also allows users to compose documents, allowing users to print, save (as Text or HTML) and send documents in Indic language formats. In that context, we wonder when the Indic language functionality will be added to Google Documents.

At present, GMail supports email composition in Indic languages including Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

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