Well, if you thought Airtel’s plan to cut speeds by 50% until the end of the month was bad enough, Tata Indicom has harsher penalties for customers who don’t limit the use of their unlimited download connections. According to the terms and conditions put out by Tata Indicom on their broadband website , they have defined the following monthly data transfer threshold (Fair Usage Limit) for various unlimited connections:



Now some would say that a limit of almost 45 GB is a fair amount for a 256 Kbps connection, but we don’t quite agree – if it is an unlimited download connection, this is a workaround for controlling downloads. Operators haven’t provisioned for optimal usage, and perhaps don’t have the capacity that they are selling…well, if they don’t have the capacity, then they shouldn’t be selling it. 

What’s worrying is Tata’s approach to users who go beyond these limits. According to the policy:

Data transfer in excess of Fair Usage Limit as per the applicable tariff plan shall be treated as a violation of TCISL  FUP. Upon such violation of FUP, TCISL shall contact the Customer suggesting for reduction in usage or upgrade to a higher bandwidth plan. 

Despite the above, if the customer fails to upgrade to a high speed plan or continue to violate the TCISL FUP, TCISL reserves the right to suspend or terminate the customer’s account immediately without prejudice to other rights available to TCISL under these Terms and Conditions. 

Now is that his affects a small minority of people – there just aren’t enough broadband customers in this country, for any of them to be of any consequence to telecom operators; is it worth the effort or the time for telecom operators or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to take up broadband issues? Spectrum probably matters more…