Well, it looks like a marriage of convenience – Virgin Mobile has tied up with MySpace for making MySpace available on WAP enabled handsets. This appears to be a move by MySpace to incease signups on their fledgling India site, since users can register via Virgin Mobile. For Virgin, it’s one way of promoting their WAP enabled handsets – vKewl and vSleek – and perhaps getting Rs. 5/day if anyone does sign up to use their WAP portal vBytes. It’s been six months since MySpace launched its mobile version in India – http://m.myspace.com

If one goes by the press release, MySpace India now has 1.2 million registered users. This means they have added 700,000 users since their launch last April – that’s around 77,000 users added per month. The real question is – how many of these are active users? MySpace’s attempt at city specific communities appears to have failed miserably, and looks like they didn’t put in enough effort into it – the Delhi Hub page hasn’t been updated in months, and the Indihub also needs updating. It’s one thing to launch a service, but quite another to keep it going. A poll:

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