A few months ago, we’d written about the launch of Zapaks mobile site – Zapak.mobi, in collaboration with Cotopia. What had suprised us then, was the sheer lack of games – just seven. However, we’d also pointed out then that the games launched were essentially turn-based multiplayer games.

Zapak has now launched single player mobile games in partnership with Greystripe, which has a far more robust catalogue of over 900 advertising supported games. Also worth nothing that the turn-based multiplayer games have been pushed into the background with this move, and the single player games load on the front page. Remember what Jump Games CEO Salil Bhargava had told us – Single Player Casual Games are what sell in the mobile gaming business.

At present, there are essentially two players competing in the Indian market. Both Greystripe and Hovr provide games to users for free, and monetize by displaying advertisements before and after the game. Greystripe had tied up with the ABP group to launch Mjoy4free a year or so ago, but that was eventually was shut down. Hovr has since partnered with Indiatimes and NDTV Convergence to power their mobile games sites.

Difference between Hovr and Greystripe

I tried out both Hovr (which has a tie up with Indiatimes and NDTV Convergence) and Greystripe (zapak), and noticed one signficiant difference – In case of Hovr, the games do not load if an advertisement is not shown, while in case of Greystripe games, two splash screens are shown, and users are given the option of finding out more information, once they connect. If you choose not to view the ads, you can still continue playing the game.

This means that if there are issues with the GPRS connectivity a user can’t play the game. However, if he does connect, then the advertiser is at least guaranteed an impression or two. In case of Greystripe, the impression is not guaranteed.

P.s.: I tried out the Paper Airplane game from Greystripe, and quite liked it. Simple, addictive. I finished with a score of 2433 with my 3rd try.

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