India crossed the 300 million wireless subscriber mark in August 2008 by adding 9.16 million wireless subscribers. The wireless subscriber base was 305.24 million at the end of August, according to official figures released by the TRAI. If if you combine both wireless and wireline subscribers, that’s a total of 343.87 million subscribers, and a tele-density of 29.83 percent. The number of wireless additions in August were marginally down from 9.22 million subscribers added in July. Do bear in mind that the “Wireless” subscriber base includes GSM, CDMA and WLL subscribers, because Reliance Communications does not report WLL subscribers separately.

The situation continues to be bleak on the broadband side, with just 4.73 million connections, and just 160,000 connections added in August 2008. We’re inching towards the 5 million connections mark. For three months in a row now, the rate at which broadband connections have been added has declined. Take a look at the numbers.

Do note that while the conversion rate (of Wireline to Broadband) appears to have improved in August, this is only because the number of wireline connections have declined as well. Ideally, a steady or growing wireline base, and a healthy conversion rate is what is needed.

We await the Wireless Broadband miracle.