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Chandamama Launches Hindi, Tamil And Telugu Portals; Archives Inaccessible

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For once, I’m advocating a spash-screen for a website: Chandamama, the childrens magazine which was acquired by Geodesic last year, has launched Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions of its site; I think it would simplify issues for the site to have a page which allows users to choose the language of their choice in the beginning itself, instead of a drop-down menu in the tab bar. The Telugu site went live in Feb.

Issues With Archiving
Chandamama also intends to launch sites in Marathi and Oriya (Orissa); going through the site, I noticed that they already have archives of content available in multiple languages – Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. To me, the archives are almost inaccessible. They are just image scans of the magazines, converted into PDF format. Consequently, the file I downloaded is 49 MB in size, and took 30 days to download (mild exaggeration…I gave up after trying to download for 20 minutes). The status of the archiving, so far:

English – from 1955 to 1985
Hindi- from 1949 to 1961
Kannada – from 1949 to 1958
Malayalam – 1942
Tamil – from 1947 to 1965
Telugu – from 1947 to 1959

Advertising – Then and Now
I couldn’t help but notice an ad in this editition of Chandamama (Hindi, July 1954) – for Veer Bachcha: A Tonic for Children, with an advertisement for Kateli Champa Kesh Tel (Hair Oil), both advertisements targeting the mother. Compare that do the current advertisement at Chandamama – Candyman, Bubbaloo and Bubba (Chewing Gum), targeting the child, though there is one advert targeting the parent – SIP Academy (apparently a training academy for kids)


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  • Hi Nikhil,
    Completely agree with your point of view on the archives. We are working on a better solutiont that would hopefully reduce the time it takes to go through old issues. that is also the reason why we haven’t yet put up all our archives online.

  • Nikhil Pahwa

    Hi Surajit, I suppose manual would be too tedious, right? I do like the fact that you’re putting all the content online, but at times discovering content on the Chandamama site is a bit of an issue. Would recommend usability testing.

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  • vishwanath

    Hi surajit Agarwal,

    I am taking about digitization of the chadamama old issues. I am just waiting for it for its availability on CD or DVD from the last seven months. Do you know when my wait will end ?

    Any idea!


  • I can't express my ecstasy, on seeing chandamama available on Internet as archive..
    Ohh God !! what those days were.. In childhood, we used to rush to book store for buying new Chandamama everymonth..
    I didn't even spare the pawn shop near by my home to grab all the chandamama edition which people used to sell to Raddiwala…

    Thanks for all this effort… [:)]